ZAFur on Furnet

Join us in the ZAFur channel on Furnet, the details are:

  • Address:
  • Port: 6667 (without SSL) or 6697 (with SSL).
  • Channel: #zafur
Some common commands.

So you are connected, now what? Well, you should have a window open, likely filled with a whole bunch of information about the network you just connected to. This window is likely labelled "Status", or something similar. You can type messages and more importantly commands into this window. Below are a few common commands to get started.

Private messages

Most clients will give you a list of users in the channels you have joined, and give you the option to message them by clicking on their Nick. In case you need to do this manually, type /msg <nick> <message> substituting <nick> for the Nick of your desired recipient and <message> for the message that you want to send. This should open up a new window in your client, so you won't have to send every message this way.


If you want your message to be displayed as an action rather than a message, for example "Darq waves.", type /me <action> substituting <action> for whatever action you want, in the above example, the full command was "/me waves.".

Joining a channel

To join a channel, type: /join <channel> Substituting <channel> for the desired channel, for example: "#zafur".

Tip: Most clients will have a setting for channels to autojoin, setting channels will tell the client to join these channels automatically when they connect to the network.

Finding other channels

To list available channels, type: /list However this will normally return an enormous list of channels, it's better to narrow them down a bit. Typing: /list *tech* Will list all channels with "tech" somewhere in their names, with the stars acting as wildcards. Try substituting "*tech*" for your desired filter.

Changing your Nick

To change your Nick, type /nick <nick> substituting <nick> for your desired Nick. This does not override the Nick you entered into your client during setup, so change it in your client if you want to always connect with the new Nick. In order to register and reserve the Nick that you want, please read the NickServ section below.


NickServ is a service on the network that allows you to reserve your Nick, so that only you can use it. Registering and reserving your Nick with NickServ is entirely optional, but others might use your Nick if you don't. Below are two of the basic NickServ commands, to register and reserve your Nick, and identify yourself as the owner of that Nick.


To register your Nick with NickServ, make sure you currently have the Nick you desire, then type: /msg NickServ REGISTER <password> <email> Substituting <password> for your desired password and <email> for a valid email address. An email will be sent the email address you specified, with an authentication code. To finish the registration, type: /msg NickServ AUTH <auth_code> Substituting <auth_code> for the authentication code contained in the email.


When you connect to the network using your registered Nick, or change your Nick to your registered Nick, you will need to identify yourself to NickServ. If you do not identify yourself, NickServ will change your Nick after one minute. To identify yourself, type: /msg NickServ IDENTIFY <password> Substituting <password> for the password you registered with.

Tip: Most clients will have a setting for a NickServ password, setting your password will allow the client to identify you automatically when they connect to the network.